Should I start applying to jobs that interest me?


Do you have the following information written down, yet?

1/ What do you love to do?

2/ Why do you love to do those things?

3/ Who directly benefits from your efforts?

4/ Why are those benefits important to them?

If yes, do you also have a clear understanding of your:

5/ Vision for your career?

6/ List of your values and non-negotiables?

7/ Clarity on what companies offer what you need, and need what you offer?

8/ A list of those 5-10 companies that match all the above?

9/ A compelling cover letter that introduces you and your unique value proposition to entice the reader to read your resume?  

10/ A resume written to showcase how you specifically can help your target prospective employer solve their challenges and move their goals forward?

11/ A  LinkedIn Profile that clearly supports your professional documents and brands you as the “ONLY” choice for the type of role you are pursuing?



Fire out those targeted applications and start executing your post application engagement plan.

Start by getting in front of the specific people at your targeted organizations who can positively influence the hiring decision in your favor.

Not quite there yet?

No problem.

Start here.