• Human Resources

    "To all the transitioning educators struggling to revamp their resumes and highlight the skills used daily on campus, don’t hesitate to use the “Classroom to Corporate Kit.”

    The EducatedExit.com program will help you on your journey as you begin a new career beyond the classroom.

    Start today by investing in yourself! You won’t regret it."

    -Donna O.

  • Data Science

    "I had the pleasure of working with Chris and the EducatedExit.com team recently, and I must say, their support was instrumental in helping me navigate a pivotal moment in my career.

    Chris not only helped me narrow down the areas I wanted to pivot into but also guided me in digging deep to uncover my vision and values as a professional.

    His expertise in sales and marketing proved to be invaluable as I embarked on branding myself in a new direction.

    Chris’s insights and guidance were clear and easy to follow, and I’m grateful for his support during this transformative journey.

    I highly recommend Chris to anyone looking for strategic career guidance and support as they transition into a corporate setting, focusing more on career direction than simply rewriting a resume."

    -Dani S.

  • Program Management

    "Working with Chris and the Classroom to Corporate program has been a game changer in my teacher transition!

    The tools given along with the practical steps to take each step of the way has made me feel like transitioning isn’t impossible!"

    -Porchia L.

  • Curriculum Development

    "Chris and his team have been such a game changer in my job search! I’ve been so lucky as a transitioning teacher to find him.

    The resume and cover letter he and his team made for me were so much better than anything I ever could’ve written, and he’s been there for me every step of the way so far!"

    I would absolutely recommend him to any friend looking to make a change in their career.

    -Christina M.

  • Client Services

    "The best Christmas gift I’ve ever gifted myself was working with Chris.

    His targeted strategy toward job hunting alongside his approachable and knowledgeable demeanor helped me land a fantastic corporate job as a Client Service Specialist in less than 2 months of working together.

    Thanks for giving this teacher the confidence boost and self-worth reminder she needed to move onward!"

    -Gabby S.

  • Instructional Design

    “When I received my new resume and cover letter from Kelsie I felt like a kid Christmas.  It represented my skills and abilities in a way I could never have expressed on my own!

    I feel confident and excited to search for new jobs now that I have a structured approach and 1:1 support!”

    -Meygan T.

  • Leadership

    "I chose Chris and EducatedExit.com because they were the one Teacher Transition group that I saw that gave me confidence they could help me move into a completely new industry and Chris has rewarded my confidence in a big way.

    Chris is an extremely personable guy who takes an interest in his clients and lays everything out in an easy, straight forward manner.

    He has some awesome resources that help you as far as understanding your job search, vision and helps you to find the clarity you need to be successful in your career transition.

    He helped me to understand that I was working with some outdated ideas of how to conduct a proper job search and also how to make myself a viable candidate for the jobs I want.

    He makes things easy to understand but also pushes you to take charge of your own transition.

    If you are an educator looking to get out of schools, or education and you're looking for help doing so, Chris is definitely your guy!"

    -Eric M.

  • Project Management

    "Chris and his team were great to work with!

    Chris did a fantastic job of communicating in a timely fashion, and from the beginning it was obvious he had a lot of experience working with transitioning teachers.

    He understood very well what I was aiming to accomplish in my time with him, and was able to put words and systems in place to help me understand, as well as give me a clearer perspective on how to move forward.

    I would enthusiastically endorse him and his services if you are entertaining leaving the classroom!"

    -Garrett R.

  • Learning & Development

    "Chris has helped me tremendously navigate a new career.

    I am a teacher transitioning out of the classroom, and Chris has given me the tools to sell myself to companies with transferable skills from education.

    I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to make a career shift, especially if you are in education!"

    -Christina S.

  • Partner Development

    "I am so grateful I had the opportunity to work with Chris!

    From our first meeting, he was so sincere and intent on guiding me through the job search process with transparency and kindness.

    He helped me to better understand my career goals, connected me to great individuals in my field, and gave me action items and materials which allowed me to focus on next steps.

    I cannot thank him or recommend him enough!"

    -Lauren T.

  • Genealogy

    "When I knew I needed a career change from education I first tried on my own; rewriting my resume a bit and changing my cover letter. 

    After seeing that wasn’t working I signed up to work with Chris and his Classroom to Corporate Career Kit program. And that is when everything started falling into place!

    I was asked to reflect on my experience and the values that were important to me.  Chris and I had a Zoom meeting to further clarify my goals and values, and to help me narrow down career paths.  I then looked at jobs that were in those paths.

    Because of the help I received, I landed a great job outside the field of education that matches my interests and skill set.

    What especially helped was being given the tools and reflection time and being able to work at my own pace, with Chris’ encouragement and support every step of the way."

    -Kevin F.

  • Customer Success

    "I am thrilled with the resume and cover letter Educated Exit crafted for me.

    Their dedication to understanding my desired roles and industry knowledge truly shines through.

    A personalized and impactful experience that exceeded my expectations.

    Highly recommend!"

    -Courtney D.

  • Program Management

    "As a transitioning teacher, Chris was wonderful to work with in my quest to leave education.

    I appreciated his realistic and practical advice.

    He is a wonderful cheerleader who guides you on a clear path to marketing yourself to show your best self in interviews."

    -Julie C.

  • Learning & Development

    "If you’re anything like me, you’ll have a pretty visceral reaction to the question -

    “Why would employers want to interview you?”

    You know the answer isn’t “because I’m a teacher,” and yet, teaching has been your whole identity.

    That moment of wondering “Why WOULD anyone want to interview me?!” is the moment you need Chris and Kelsie from EducatedExit.

    Through Chris’ awesome coaching skills and Kelsie’s wizardry with resumes and cover letters, I landed a job outside of the classroom in less than 1 month!

    I began to understand what skills I bring to the table and what things I value in a workplace.

    I began to view myself as someone with teaching experience, rather than someone who has only ever been a teacher.

    Back away from the “Easy Apply” button and instead head on over to EducatedExit.com.

    You really don't have to go it alone!"

    - Kelly D.

  • Leadership

    "Connecting with Chris through EducatedExit.com was a pivotal moment for me.

    Prior to enrolling in the Classroom to Corporate Career Kit program, networking seemed abstract and daunting. However, under his guidance and support, I not only acquired essential networking skills but also developed the confidence to apply them effectively.

    Despite remaining in the education field, I now feel significantly more assured about my future prospects, and I attribute this newfound confidence to Chris. His mentorship has been invaluable, and I'm deeply grateful for his support."

    -Adam G.

  • Customer Success

    "Wow, wow, wow! You all are incredible!! 

    Kelsie and Chris, I am continually blown away by your craftsmanship.

    Simply reading the professional summary sounds like you've captured a snapshot of my soul.

    Thanks for the time and energy you put into my cover letter & resume, and for equally investing in me.

    Because of you two, I'm ready to move mountains!

    Endless gratitude."

    -Lauren T.

  • Research

    "I am very grateful for all your efforts helping me on my career transition.

    You are great coach and I deeply value the time we've spent together working on resume, interview preparation, and finally on my salary and relocation allowance negotiation.

    I really appreciate the progress you've helped me make in my professional career."

    -Maryane S.

  • Nonprofit

    "As a teacher who has been trying for 10+ years to leave teaching without success, I took a leap and hired Chris and his team.

    I am still hunting, and Chris is always responsive and helpful.

    They have helped me adjust how I approach job hunting, especially how I use LinkedIn.

    Chris' friendly demeanor makes him approachable and easy to work with.

    If you are a teacher looking to make the transition out of teaching, I recommend that you work with Chris and his team."

    -David F.

  • Training

    "Kelsie is amazing!

    She completely revamped my resume, quickly landing me an interview.

    Kelsie then walked me through every step of the pre-interview process.

    She has gone above and beyond in helping me navigate the start of this new chapter!"

    - Tina T.

  • Instructional Design

    “Working with Chris was a breath of fresh air. He provided the support I needed when I needed it.

    In all our interactions, he listened to
    me, tailoring his guidance based on what I needed most in that moment.

    I know I improved my ability to market myself as a candidate through my experience working with him, not to mention the fact that he’s also a fun person to talk to.”

    -Kylie H.

  • Customer Success

    "Educated Exit took my 'Teacher Resume' and turned into something beyond my wildest dreams.

    They described the work I do using language I use to describe other people -- not myself!

    I couldn't be more pleased with their services!"

    - Jessica V.

  • Training & Development

    "I wanted to let you know that I got the promotion!

    Thank you for all your support throughout the process."

    -Lara V.

  • Technical Recruiting

    "Your worksheets and interview tips
    helped me tremendously throughout my job search and interview process. 

    I was able to clearly define my why
    and my core values, which made it easier when interviewing to analyze which companies were in alignment with what I was looking for.  

    I received 2 offers this week from
    my top picks that I was interviewing with!”

    -Bria G.

  • Human Resources

    “Thank-you, for the tips and confidence you have given me!

    It is definitely giving me the
    traction I wasn’t getting before we met!”

    -Lauren R.

  • Curriculum Development

    “This guy is the real deal.

    An example of someone who does things his way and gets results!”

    -Jess K.

  • Marketing

    "I accepted the USA Marketing
    Coordinator role at Crimson Education!!

    Definitely couldn’t have done this
    without you!”

    -Stacy K.

  • Learning & Development

    “Chris has given me an entirely new
    perspective on how to go about finding a job.

    The job market is vastly different now, and you need to stand out from the crowd.

    The best part of Chris's coaching is that he shows you the need to showcase your value to a potential employer and helps you produce a detailed plan to do it!

    I'm not a salesperson, so selling myself does not come easy, but Chris has a process that anyone can follow no matter what industry you work in.

    If you're job searching, do yourself
    a favor and give his approach a try.”

    -Kris B.

  • Project Management

    “Chris is an amazing resource for

    He takes his extensive experience in
    sales and applies it in an easy-to-consume job searching process. 

    You learn how to best present yourself and find those that need your unique strengths. 

    Plus, Chris is just an all-around good
    person and easy to talk to. 

    I highly recommend getting in
    touch with him to see for yourself how easy it is!”

    -Kera F.

  • Training | Learning & Development

    “I was incredibly happy to connect with Chris and greatly benefited from our time together. He listened to my story and took the time to understand where I was
    coming from.

    The materials that he developed guided me along the process of career exploration and research and set me on the right path.

    It was time well spent and I highly recommend working with him.”

    -Ailish M.

  • Educational Leadership

    “Chris used my current resume and everything available to him to rewrite my resume for the current job market.

    He took the time to speak to me to get an accurate picture of what I wanted and who I am to best translate my skills.

    I appreciate that he’s invested in his client’s success.”

    - Autumn-Joi W.

  • Nonprofit

    "Chris is great at what he does!

    He really took the time to get to know me and what I am hoping to get out of a career.

    The advice he gave me was incredibly insightful and backed by knowledge and facts.

    His insights on how to approach
    my job search as a sales process have given me more confidence to make intelligent choices and decisions when it comes to my next career.

    Thank You, Chris!"

    -Zack T.

  • Corporate Training

    "I would highly recommend the Educated Exit program to anyone seeking expert guidance and support in their career journey.

    Chris and Kelsie’s passion for empowering individuals to reach their full potential is evident in every interaction, and I am grateful for the positive impact it has had on my life."

    -Gwen H.

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Is It Time To Leave?


Raise your hand if you've ever had to attend school or teach while you were
sick due to a lack of substitutes.

We have! 🙋‍♀️

Raise your hand if you've ever been verbally accosted by a parent or admin?

We have! 🙋‍♀️

Raise your hand if you've ever sat in your car after work and cried because you
thought you were failing as an educator.

We have!🙋‍♀️

Raise your hand if you've ever been told it was "the expectations of the job" to provide your own supplies.

We have! 🙋‍♀️

Raise your hand if you've ever participated in a safety drill without the proper equipment.

We have! 🙋‍♀️

Raise your hand if you've ever been asked to put your personal needs second.

We have! 🙋‍♀️

Raise your hand if you were ever guilted by an admin with the phrases "dig deep", "find your why", or my personal favorite, "we are here for the outcome not the income".

We have! 🙋‍♀️

Question though...

What happens when we can't dig deep anymore?

What happens when our 'why' isn't enough anymore?

What happens when we actually need the income?

We understand that transitioning from teaching to a new career can be absolutely terrifying!

We've been there.

We've done that.

We've figured out how to exit.

That's why we are here to help you navigate your job search as a sales

As a teacher, you have a unique skill set and valuable experience to offer, but it's important to learn how to market yourself effectively.

Our platform provides you with the tools and resources you need to present yourself as a top candidate to highly targeted potential employers.

From crafting your resume and cover letter to preparing for interviews, we're dedicated to helping you succeed.

Join our community and let's work together to clarify, target, and launch the most exciting chapter of your career - The NEXT Chapter!




In my 23 year career working in Tech, SaaS, Telecom, Legal, Print, and Manufacturing I have been:

Fired 2x
Laid off 1x
Resigned 3x
Promoted 9x

I have landed new roles and led teams in 6 vastly different industries - all without applying to hundreds of jobs and without prior industry experience.

Led more than 5,000 interviews as a hiring manager.

Directly hired 2,300+ talented people,

Promoted 156 deserving people into their first leadership position.

Coached 35 people from company mandated ‘performance improvement plans’ that marked them for termination, to top 10% annual performance ratings and promotions.

Received personal long-term mentorship from CEO’s, HR Executives, Startup Founders, and top Sales coaches.

Mentored countless amazingly talented people to land new roles in new industries without experience or prior connections.

Managed & led teams from 5-300 headcount globally.

Delivered more than $200MM in revenue to my employers and businesses.

I wake up energized every single day to fulfil our mission to empower you with the guidance, tools, and support you need to launch the career you deserve outside of the classroom.



After graduating with my BA in Psychology, I worked as a preschool teacher for two years. I loved teaching but wanted more career growth opportunities. I went back to school to earn a Master's in School Counselling and Guidance services, I then went on work with high-needs high school students as a school counsellor. 

I loved my time working with students in the classroom and in the school counselling setting! Something was missing, though.

I took what I learned in these experiences and applied it to my work as a Career Services Coordinator. While working to implement career readiness initiatives with Technical Education students, I learned the ins-and-outs of hiring and recruiting. Much of this knowledge I still use today. 

I eventually decided it was time to jump headfirst into the corporate world with a role in EdTech; helping other school leaders advance their career services offerings. 

Now I use what I've learned to help people just like you transition smoothly out of Education and into the career of their choosing.

Our Mission

To empower 10,000 talented educators to identify their transferable skills and build the careers they deserve outside the classroom.

  • Project Management

    My time with Chris and his team has been nothing short of amazing.

    It took me a long time to seek help on my journey, then I didn't know where to go for help when I did make up my mind.

    After meeting with different avenues, I knew Chris was the right direction for me.

    He made me feel important and the center of every talk and email.

    He was beyond prepared for every meeting, as he did a ton of work to prepare to know me, meaning our time was very focused and meaningful.

    His team was just like him, focused and everything was well beyond expectations.

    If you are on a transition journey, this is the place for you. Stop questioning if you need help or where to get help, this is the place.

    Chris will be your guide, you have to do the work, but he will be your guide.

    -Gavin S.

  • Learning & Development

    I had been on the job hunt as a transitioning teacher for a month but didn’t have a clear vision of what I wanted.

    Once I met with Chris, he provided clarity on having an action plan and gave guidance that has helped me.

    The tools provided by Chris make it easy to narrow down applications and my own skills.

    I appreciate all the professional efforts made by Chris.

    Transitioning teachers, reach out to Chris.

    You’ll see results and have the tools you’ll need to find what you’re looking for & deserve!

    -Keilah C.

  • Customer Success

     “Getting to meet Chris and listen
    to all his knowledge about succeeding in the job market helped me realized that I was not alone and that he had been in my shoes many times before waiting for that offer (or offers!).

    Chris really is the guy you want in your corner when trying to network, whether it’s putting you in touch with
    connections or simply just interacting with your content for a wider range of people to see.

    Chris just wants to help people and
    change the way we approach the job market in such a positive way.”

    -Mary G.

  • Executive Leadership

    “Working with Chris has given me
    confidence to see the value I bring to any career engagement.

    He provided resources, tools and a
    framework to help set the foundation for a targeted approach while tailoring support to my individual pain points.

    Chris has been extremely responsive and generous in sharing his expertise via feedback on my resume and presentations, as well as communication strategies throughout my job search.

    If you are motivated and willing to put
    in the work, I highly recommend Chris's services!”

    -Kelly L.

  • Social Media

    “Chris has a wealth of knowledge and
    experience that has helped me immensely as I search for a new opportunity.

    He has made himself available to me when I need advice and support.

    I’m grateful for his insight and
    encouragement as I embark on my journey.”

    -Serena J.

  • Software Engineering

     “Chris really helped me understand what type of work I wanted to pursue and helped me target the companies that can offer me the compensation and challenges that I craved.

    Under Chris's guidance I was able to
    understand my strengths and sell them to all the companies I interviewed at, enabling me to land my dream job.”

    -Abdullah J.

  • Sales

    "Chris is an outstanding human
    being! From minute one, he invests in really understanding you as a person as he knows (and points out consistently) this is the core to achieve success as a professional.

    Throughout our time working together, Chris helped me uncover my strengths, gain back my confidence, and better align myself to job opportunities and professional

    -Catherine R.

  • Management

    “I had the pleasure of working with
    Chris MacLean during my job search and the coaching he provided was invaluable.

    It amazed me how much Chris genuinely cares about people and his willingness to help them better prepare for the job market. He just wants to help others see
    their true value and help them present their best selves to recruiters and hiring managers.

    He helped me truly delve deep to my core strengths and weaknesses to
    improve my ability in articulating my worth.

    I highly recommend Chris!”

    -Lori W.

  • Healthcare Technology

    “I had the pleasure of connecting with Chris on LinkedIn earlier this year, and he’s shared job searching and interview tips with me since then.

    Chris’ ability to listen and advise on various career decisions was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic difference in the effectiveness of my job search


    As a career advisor, Chris earns my highest recommendation!"

    -Evita P.

  • Quality Management

     “I cannot begin to thank you enough.

    You have taught me how to sell myself.  I have used your advice with the current interview process I’m going through. 

    It wasn’t until I started following you
    that I realized my potential and I now have the ability to articulate it, and it’s proving successful!

    I had not made it to round 3 of
    interviews until I started following your advice.

    I thank you and appreciate you!”

    -Kelly M.

  • Sales Development

    “Chris is extremely knowledgeable about anything related to finding and securing your dream job.

    He's a great listener and tailors each
    step to take based on your individual goals.

    I highly recommend Chris!”

    -Carly C.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I the only teacher feeling stressed and burnt out in the classroom?

Absolutely not!

We work with dozens of transitioning teachers each week who list their number one reason for leaving the classroom as “Stress” or “Burnout!”

Add to that a lack of respect from students, parents, and sometimes administration, along with dwindling support and resources, and you have a recipe for a mass exodus of talented teachers from classrooms across the nation.

We have former teachers on our staff who have gone through what you’re experiencing right now and have come out the other side happier, healthier, and more fulfilled than they could have imagined when they first started their career pivot.

A new world of work that leaves stress and burnout behind awaits you, should you choose to pursue it.  

How do I know a job and company are right for me?

Some companies make it easy to identify a mutually beneficial fit. Many others do not.

The best way to determine fit is not easy.

It takes time. Effort. And persistence.

Start by determining your career vision – what is it that you want to accomplish in your next job?

Then determine your career values– what do you need to be successful in your career – Respect? Collaboration? Growth Opportunities? More money?

Finally, determine your non-negotiables – what are you willing to sacrifice vs what can’t you live without? If your dream job is offered to you but it’s not a remote position, is that ok? If you’ll be doing fulfilling work but will make 25% less than you do today as a teacher, will you accept the role?

Only after you have the answers to the above, should you start researching organizations and specific roles to find alignment.

Are there jobs outside the classroom that offer summers off?

Nobody can ever blame an overworked, underappreciated educator for wanting to have two-months of stress-free time off to recharge and reconnect after a harried school year.

Many corporate jobs can provide you with a reduced workload, better mental and physical support, and a renewed sense of purpose that can lead to a more satisfying career.

But most corporate roles do not offer summers off. However, there are some jobs that can provide the higher purpose, job satisfaction, and time off while the sun shines that you may be interested in pursuing.

Those roles include:

  • Curriculum Writing.
  • Instructional Design.
  • Education Consultant.
  • Higher Education with Colleges & Universities.

We have helped teachers like you transition into roles like these and maintain their valued summers off work.

Reach out to learn how you can do it, too.

Should I start applying to jobs that interest me?


Do you have the following information written down, yet?

1/ What do you love to do?

2/ Why do you love to do those things?

3/ Who directly benefits from your efforts?

4/ Why are those benefits important to them?

If yes, do you also have a clear understanding of your:

5/ Vision for your career?

6/ List of your values and non-negotiables?

7/ Clarity on what companies offer what you need, and need what you offer?

8/ A list of those 5-10 companies that match all the above?

9/ A compelling cover letter that introduces you and your unique value proposition to entice the reader to read your resume?  

10/ A resume written to showcase how you specifically can help your target prospective employer solve their challenges and move their goals forward?

11/ A  LinkedIn Profile that clearly supports your professional documents and brands you as the “ONLY” choice for the type of role you are pursuing?



Fire out those targeted applications and start executing your post application engagement plan.

Start by getting in front of the specific people at your targeted organizations who can positively influence the hiring decision in your favor.

Not quite there yet?

No problem.

Start here.