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I wouldn't be here without you!

Former Teacher & Educated Exit Alum shares her journey with CNBC

Maggie Perkins

Teacher Advocate, Content Development, Qualitative Research

Find. Your. Joy.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have a pretty visceral reaction to the question -

“Why would employers want to interview you?”

You know the answer isn’t “because I’m a teacher,” and yet, teaching has been your whole identity.

That moment of wondering “Why WOULD anyone want to interview me?!” is the moment you need Chris and Kelsie from EducatedExit.

Through Chris’ awesome coaching skills and Kelsie’s wizardry with resumes and cover letters, I landed a job outside of the classroom in less than 1 month!

I began to understand what skills I bring to the table and what things I value in a workplace.

I began to view myself as someone with teaching experience, rather than someone who has only ever been a teacher.

Back away from the “Easy Apply” button and instead head on over to

You really don't have to go it alone!

- Kelly D.

Content Marketing | L&D

You. Deserve. It

I had been on the job hunt as a transitioning teacher for a month but didn’t have a clear vision of what I wanted.

Once I met with Chris, he provided clarity on having an action plan and gave guidance that has helped me immensely.

The tools provided by Chris make it easy to narrow down applications and my own skills.

I appreciate all the professional efforts made by Chris and the Educated Exit team.

Transitioning teachers, if you're serious about leaving education, do yourself a favor and reach out to Chris today.

You’ll see results and have the tools you’ll need to find what you’re looking for and deserve!

-Keilah C.

Instructional Design