Resume Regrets

Resume Regrets

With the holidays approaching we are all busier than usual, so I'll cut to the chase on the topic du jour - Resumes.

What Not to Do:

Don't create a generic, one-size-fits-all resume if you want to secure that dream corporate job.

Why Not?

Your resume is your first impression, and a generic one can make you blend into the crowd, losing the chance to stand out and catch the recruiter's eye. If you make this mistake:

You'll get lost in the "resume black hole": Your application might end up in the dreaded pile of forgettable resumes, diminishing your chances of even getting noticed at all.

Your unique strengths will be overlooked: Recruiters need to see how your specific skills match the job requirements. A generic resume won't highlight your strengths, making it easy for them to move on to the next candidate.

You might settle for less: By not tailoring your resume, you risk accepting a position that isn't the best fit for your skills and aspirations, placing you in a new position with the same problems you have today.

Missed opportunities for negotiation: A generic resume might downplay your accomplishments, making it harder to negotiate a higher salary or better benefits.

How I Made This Mistake:

In my early career, I thought a one-size-fits-all resume would save time and cast a wider net for job opportunities.

I applied for various roles with the same resume, thinking it showcased my versatility.

Instead, I received zero responses and felt like I’d be stuck in my current position forever.

My ever present positive self image slowly started to fade, and I contemplated thoughts of never achieving more than I had in that moment.

I lost sleep.

I lost focus.

I almost gave up on seeking more for myself and my family.

Which is Why I Want to Share This With You:

Learn from my mistake, because your resume is your personal marketing tool, and a tailored approach can will make all the difference.

What You Should Do Next:

Review your current resume and ask yourself: “Is this resume marketing me to a specific role?”

If the answer is no, and it probably is, then it’s time to do the following:

Craft a targeted resume for each application, aligning your unique transferable skills and experiences with the specific requirements for each job you target.

If I Could Go Back in Time:

I would customize my resumes for each application. I would review each job description 3 times.

  • 1st read to qualify it out of my opportunity funnel – looking for reasons I am not qualified to apply – because, you know, don’t go chasing waterfalls.
  • 2nd read to identify if the role and company offer what I need – respect, work/life balance, benefits, salary, and so on.
  • 3rd read to confirm that I am capable of offering value – not just skills and experience – but real tangible value based on what I can understand of the role’s requirements for success.

Tailoring my approach in this way would have led to much quicker job searches, more opportunities to choose from, and greater negotiation power to build my career, my way.

Life on the Other Side:

Unlocking More Interviews: A tailored resume increases the likelihood of getting noticed, leading to more interview opportunities with the companies that offer what you need and need what you offer.

Landing Your Dream Job: By clearly and specifically showcasing your unique strengths, you position yourself as the ideal candidate, making it more likely to secure the job you desire and all the benefits that come with it.

Negotiating Better Terms: A personalized resume sets the stage for successful negotiations, ensuring you get the compensation and benefits you deserve.

Why Does This Matter To Me So Much?

I speak with dozens of transitioning educators just like you every week.

I hear your voice shaking when recounting stories about bad student behavior.

I see the tears well up in your eyes when you say you can’t sleep due to anxiety about work.

I share the joy that comes from the “A HA!” moments of clarity we have in our 1:1 coaching sessions.

For those reasons, and a million more, I want you to land a job that offers you more than you have today.

More respect.

More balance.

More autonomy.

More time for yourself.

More time for your family.

I want you to find ‘you’ again.

Until next week...



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