Maggie Perkins


I'm Maggie Perkins


I am not your average former teacher. I became a teacher with full intentions to teach well past retirement. I love teaching, and leaving the classroom was incredibly difficult but I have never regretted it.

My background is in education, academia and equity based work with/ for youth. My professional experience includes employment as a university instructor and classroom teacher in grades 6-12, in public and private settings. I have taught social studies, english and science.

I have worked to support students, educators and professionals in school leadership.

As I grasped the extent of the systemic issues in education I could no longer remain a classroom teacher and began sharing my experiences on TikTok. I have found that I am not alone, and thousands of other educators are experiencing similar issues.

It is meaningful for me to connect with other educators and transitioning professionals as they pursue a higher quality of life after being a classroom teacher.