You Were Taught To Fail

You Were Taught To Fail

Many teachers tell me they feel as if they are “failing” at their career pivot.

That they are not prepared to make a successful transition.

They don’t know where or how to begin.

So, they don’t.

And that’s not helpful. For anybody.

But here’s the thing – there is only one way to “fail” at a career transition and that is to not start at all.

Some of you will think you have already started and still feel as though you’ve failed.

That’s not your fault. 

It’s what you were taught to do.

Want a new career? 

It’s easy!

Just dust off your resume and start applying to any job that mentions any skills you already possess.

Apply for 50-100 jobs per week and you’ll land somewhere, soon.

It’s a numbers game, and you have to spray the market with your resume if you want to land a job outside of teaching.

Sound familiar?

That’s what we refer to as “Traditional Job Search Advice” and guess what?

Traditional Job Search is dead.

Accepting that is the first step to getting your career transition on the right track.

The next step is to understand how job search works today.

Job Search Is A Sales Process.

Let that sink in for a few seconds.

Now say it aloud a few times to embed the idea in your sub-conscious mind.

"Job Search Is A Sales Process!"

"Job Search Is A Sales Process!"

"Job Search Is A Sales Process!"

Now remember this:

You are the product/service.

Your skills, experience, approach, and potential, are benefits to your buyers (aka: prospective employers)

To sell yourself you need to understand 3 important things first:

1. What specific problems do you solve?

2. What are the benefits of solving those problems?

3. Who specifically benefits from having those problems solved?

With that information in hand, you will need to align your messaging to speak directly to your target addressable market- aka: your target audience.

Your messaging includes your:

- Resume
- Cover Letter
- LinkedIn Profile

You will also want to ensure you have a systematic way to identify, engage, and track, all outreach with your target audience.

This ensures you can manage your time investment, and work only on the most promising opportunities in your sales opportunity pipeline.

The key is learning how to qualify a prospect ‘OUT’ of your opportunity pipeline.

This is accomplished by aligning your career vision and values to those of the companies in your target market.

If there’s a match, pursue them. If not, don’t.

Go ahead and flip the script on your career transition by viewing Job Search As A Sales Process.

Say goodbye to feeling like a failure.

Say hello to the next exciting chapter of your career!


Are you ready to treat your Job Search As A Sales Process but still feel you could use some support?

We can help with that.

Click here to get started.

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