Chris MacLean


I'm Chris MacLean

In my 23 year career working in Tech, SaaS, Telecom, Legal, Print, and Manufacturing I have been:

Fired 2x

Laid off 1x

Resigned 3x

Promoted 9x

Landed new roles and led diverse teams in 6 vastly different industries - all without applying online and without prior industry experience.

Led more than 5,000 interviews as a hiring manager.

Recruited, vetted, and directly hired 2,300+ talented people

Promoted 156 deserving people into their first leadership position

Coached 35 people from company mandated ‘performance improvement plans’ that marked them for termination, to top 10% annual performance ratings and promotions.

Received personal long-term mentorship from CEO’s, HR Executives, Startup Founders, Top Recruiters, and Sales coaches.

Mentored 277 (and counting) amazing people to land new roles in new industries without experience or prior connections.

Managed & led teams from 5-300 headcount globally.

Delivered more than $200MM in ARR to my employers and businesses.

Bottom line: I can help you get hired.

At the company of your choice.

In the role of your choice.

At the salary you deserve.

But don’t take my word for any of this.

Ask around the #transitioningteachers and #jobseeker communities here on LinkedIn for references.  

And be sure to check out the testimonials on our homepage to read what my clients have to say.

When you’re ready to put in the time and effort required to clarify your career goals and make a smooth and successful transition out of education, shoot me an email at

If you could do it alone, you’d have done it already.

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