Is it Time to Leave Teaching?

Is it Time to Leave Teaching?

Deciding whether to leave your teaching career is a significant decision that requires careful consideration. 

Here are some factors to consider that may help you determine if it's time to leave your teaching career:

Burnout: If you are feeling exhausted, stressed, and emotionally drained, you may be experiencing burnout. Burnout can affect your motivation, engagement, and overall well-being, which can ultimately impact your teaching performance.

Lack of fulfillment: If you are no longer finding joy or fulfillment in your job, it may be time to re-evaluate your career goals and aspirations. The teaching environment now is not what you signed up for. If you are realizing that your goals as an educator are not aligned with the educational climate, it might be time to bring your skills to a different field. 

Health concerns: If your job is causing you physical or mental health problems, it may be time to consider leaving your teaching career. Many teachers report that teaching has impacted their physical health such as increased migraines, gut/ digestion issues, chronic pain, and even infertility. Additionally, teaching in high stress environments can severely impact mental health, presenting in ways like anxiety, depression, insomnia and emotional dysregulation. 

Limited growth opportunities: If you feel that you have reached a dead-end in your career and there are no opportunities for growth or advancement, it may be time to move on. Growth within the school setting is known to be fairly limited. The categories teachers are located within are very structured and rigid. If you are a person who is seeing growth, you may find greater opportunities beyond the classroom.

Workplace culture: If you are unhappy with the culture of your school or the relationships with your colleagues, it may be time to consider a change. Think about the daily or weekly frustrations, conflicts and discomforts you experience as a classroom teacher. If those had been described to you during the interview process as a normal day in the life expectations, would you have accepted the position? 

Personal or family reasons: Sometimes, personal or family reasons may require you to leave your teaching career, such as relocating to a different city or caring for a sick family member. There are many ways to be a teacher, and your certifications and skills are transferable. You have the freedom to do what is right for your family and your needs. 

Ultimately, the decision to leave your teaching career is a personal one that depends on your unique circumstances and goals. If you are considering leaving your teaching career, it may be helpful to speak with trusted friends, family members, or a career counselor to explore your options and make an informed decision.


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I’m at year 24, rural, urban, suburban. Last 7 urban. Last 2 admin. I’m going back to a rural teaching position if I’m able. I’m not built for what’s going on with the education system and with students and their families. After 10-12 hour days, being cursed at by families who don’t take responsibility for the horrors their children bring in the building, being angry or heartbroken each day, if I could move out of education completely, I would!

Ms Blanca

I taught in the California public school system for 16 years. They were the most difficult years of my life. I resigned July 31st, 2023. I was making more income than ever before, but my health was suffering. The amount of work is so overwhelming that it is easy to neglect yourself in order to better serve students. Before I was a teacher, I was a graphic designer and I’m not sure I want to sit in front of a computer all day long again. I’m at a loss. . .

Martina Young

I’ve been teaching for 24 years. I’d like to complete my 25th year and move on to another career. I am clueless about how to go about doing this. I don’t even have a resume or cover letter, as I have not needed one for 24 years.

Catherine Cartignan

I’m an educator highly interested in transitioning to a career I would enjoy out of the classroom. I’m already on Linked in and have my resume posted on my profile. Could you take a look at my resume and let me know what you think?

Laurie Phillips

I am a paraprofessional lll I have my bachelor in education but I refuse to teach back then while I was going to school for my bachelor’s it was a tough as it looks now. I have all the experience in all grade level from Pre.k to 8th grade basically and EBD emotional bahvior disorder. Last November was my 25 th year and I took off on FLMA under my mother because she needed me. But then I have been extremely exhausted 😩 like everyone else. I am looking and I need some assistance please in finding a good fulltime job 🙏 because I have no income coming in under FLMA unless I quite and I want to quite but I need to have that perfect paying job before I do so. Please I live in Miami florida dade county if anyone 🙏 can assist please I am stressed out nit working everything is behind all my bills struggling.


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