Myth Busting: Classroom ≠ Corporate

Myth Busting: Classroom ≠ Corporate

I am not a gambler - unless you count cycling in padded shorts on a busy one-lane road at rush hour - but I would bet that you have recently found yourself wondering if there's life beyond lesson plans and report cards? Well, spoiler alert, there is!

But, in the same way a sneaky pothole in the path of a cyclist can separate the rider from their steed, myths about teachers and their capabilities persist in keeping talented educators from breaking out of the classroom to launch new and exciting careers in the corporate world.

In this week's edition, we're diving into the myth that teachers can only teach.

Think you're stuck in one lane? Meet Maria, John, and Sarah—teachers who are rewiring how they think about their abilities, and going ALL-IN on their career transitions right now. They flipped the script, and so can you!

So, grab a coffee, kick back, and let's chat about breaking free from the old-school belief that's been holding you back.

Teachers Can Only Teach

When it comes to career transitions, one common and limiting belief prevails: the notion that teachers can only find fulfillment and success within the walls of a classroom.

To that I say, "bull💩!"

While teaching is undoubtedly a noble profession, the idea that educators are confined to this singular path is outdated and misleading, to say the least.

Stifling Potential and Ambitions

This belief has permeated society for decades, shaped by traditional expectations and societal norms. The misconception that teaching is a one-dimensional profession limits educators' potential and prevents them from exploring diverse and lucrative opportunities outside the educational sphere. As a result, countless teachers find themselves feeling stuck, unfulfilled, and uncertain about their career paths. And that’s not good for anybody.

Maria's Making It Happen
Maria, a dedicated high school vice principal, dreamed of a career in corporate training. However, societal expectations and peer pressure steered her away from her true passion. Frustrated by unhelpful advice, she turned to us for support. Now, just months later, Maria is fielding multiple interviews with her targeted ideal employers.

John's Journey
John, an experienced elementary school teacher with untapped leadership skills, felt confined by the classroom. Just two weeks into our Classroom to Corporate Career Kit program, he has already identified his professional vision, values, and ideal employers. John is now on the path to realizing his potential as a future customer success manager.

Sarah's Simply Started
Sarah, a passionate middle school teacher with a hidden talent and interest in instructional design, felt stuck due to the limiting expectations of her social circle, and some serious self-doubt. Working with Sarah for less than a month, we dismantled her mental barriers and built up her confidence, empowering Sarah to pursue her dream role in instructional design.

A Narrow View of Skills

The notion that teachers are limited to teaching is absurd; it overlooks their diverse skill set, including communication, adaptability, leadership, and organizational skills—highly valuable in corporate settings.

Teachers excel in problem-solving, teamwork, and communication, making them valuable in roles like Project Management, Learning & Development, and People Management.

I've hired three exceptional former teachers at Educated Exit, reinforcing this truth. And I plan to hire many more. But I digress. Stay tuned for exciting updates on our growing team in the coming weeks.

Embracing Your Versatility

To break free from this outdated belief, take the actionable step of recognizing and embracing your versatility. Acknowledge the diverse skills you've honed as a teacher—communication, adaptability, leadership—and understand how these translate seamlessly into corporate roles.

Consider grabbing a copy of our most recent eBook: 🔓 Unlocking The Boardroom: 10 Key Transferable Skills For Teachers Transitioning To Corporate America to help you get started right now.

As you shift your mindset, expect newfound advantages.

Corporate environments thrive on teamwork, effective communication, and problem-solving—qualities inherently ingrained in teachers

By recognizing your potential beyond the classroom, you open doors to exciting career opportunities that align with your passions and skills.

Who among us doesn't want to get paid to be skilled and passionate in our work?

If your hand is raised, please put your phone or iPad down and go sit in a quiet room to meditate on why you don't want more for yourself.

Go on. I'll wait.

Ready to move onward and upward?

Great! Let's continue.

Diversifying Career Paths

The old belief that teachers can only teach is fading away, ushering in an era where educators are recognized for their multifaceted skills. As industries evolve and employers increasingly value adaptability and diverse perspectives, the future holds promising opportunities for teachers who can clarify and demonstrate the value they bring to corporate roles.

Case In Point

We’ve had more than 1,200 teachers join us, so far this year.

A full 70% have landed multiple job offers and we expect many more to do the same as they continue to learn and leverage the job search strategies we share in our signature coaching program: The Classroom to Corporate Career Kit.

The shift is already underway, with corporations actively seeking individuals with strong communication and leadership skills—qualities that all teachers possess in spades.

Companies like Newsela, Carnegie Learning, Syndigo, Scholastic, and Paper are hiring our talented clients to fill vacancies in Instructional Design, Curriculum Development, Customer Success Management, Marketing, and Sales every week, with no signs of slowing down.

Your Time Is Now

The future where teachers are celebrated not just for their role in education but also for their transformative impact in various professional arenas is evolving rapidly.

Take this as your express permission to believe in yourself, embrace the change, seize the opportunities, and shape a career that resonates with your true passions and potential.

Until next week...



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