3 Ways to Make Your Resume More Visually Appealing

3 Ways to Make Your Resume More Visually Appealing

If you have been following along with our blog and LinkedIn posts then you already know that the chances of your resume being viewed by a recruiter or hiring manager is stronger when your resume is easy to read.

Did you also know that the average resume is only viewed for about 6-10 seconds?

That means that even if your resume is read by your target reader (your prospective future employer) it may not be read fully.

If your resume cannot grab your reader’s eye in those all-important first 6-10 seconds and keep them curious to keep reading; the chances of your application being overlooked increase exponentially.

Don’t let this happen to you!

Follow these 3 easy tips to help ensure your resume is making the best first impression on recruiters and hiring managers.



Sharing your dates in Month Year – Month Year (e.g., July 2019 – December 2022) format makes it clear to your reader how long you were employed without ambiguity.

Make sure to spell out the months, don’t abbreviate them or put them in numerical format.

You want to make it easy for your target reader to scan and digest your resume quickly and decide in your favor.



The margin for error is massive if you don’t get this one right.

Margins are one of the few things that can immediately make a resume go from “Ouch!” to “Wow!” when considering the visual appeal and readability.  

Keep your margins consistent throughout your document.

Avoid using text boxes, headers, or footers to try and squeeze in more text on your page.

This will make the overall appearance of the resume come off as chaotic, which is not the look or feeling you want your resume to provide your reader.



Getting into the right headspace about Heading spacing is as equally important as your margins.

You want your resume to have a consistent feel and flow while sending a clear message to your target reader that you are the right person to interview for the position to which you have applied.


Your headings should be on the left-hand side of the page or


centered in the middle of the page,


but never on the right of the page.



Also, make it clear they are headings.


Don’t mix and match styles as doing so can come off as chaotic, and again, that’s not what you want to portray to your reader. 

Remember, these may be small adjustments, but they carry an outsized impact for your candidacy in the long run. 


Is your resume visually appealing but you still can’t land interviews?

We can help with that.

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